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Conducted by Hope Oasis

Restoring The Foundations Asia Pacific (RTFAP), the regional headquarters for RTF is located in Hope Oasis Centre.


Hope Oasis works closely with RTFAP to provide RTF ministry for individuals and couples.

Restoring The Foundations is a ministry that encompasses 4 ministry areas to bring an individual through resolution of persistent matters from the past that determine current state of life, relationships, career etc.

Ministry to Individuals and couples are in the following formats:

  • Single hour session

    • $150

  • Issue-Focused Ministry (Single)

    • (3 hours, 1 session)

    • $400

    • ($150/hr or part thereof additional)

  • Married Couple Option (2 hours before and after, regarding couple related issues)

    • (2 + 3 + 3 + 2 hour sessions))

    • $1400

* Please note that there is a $20/hr for weekdays after 6pm and all-day Saturday.

Seminar and workshops for groups, youth groups, church groups are also available.


The 4 Ministry Areas

  1. Sins of the Fathers and Resulting Curses

    • Negative situations and cycles we experience can come from our ancestors. Biblically, sin results in a curse to the individual, but the effects are also passed down the generations until they are dealt with. We have the key to freedom, by repentance and and forgiveness from Jesus, because of what Jesus did on the cross for us. We need to personally receive what was given, just like we accepted the gift of salvation.

  2. Ungodly Beliefs

    • These are beliefs, decisions, attitudes, agreements, judgements, expectations, vows, and oaths that do not agree with God's Word, His nature, or character. They are lies that we have believed, usually from childhood, about ourselves, others, and God. They can be formed from hurts, traumas, negative experiences, and negative words people said to us. We need to be transformed by the renewing of our mind.

  3. Soul/Spirit Hurts

    • Hurts to the soul and/or the spirit of man can stifle and shut one down completely. Results can be just as crippling to a person's soul/spirit as it is to a person's body. They can cause us to wear masks, be easily offended, and often cause us to hurt others. Jesus was sent to heal our broken hearts, and "set at liberty them that are bruised". - Luke 4:18

  4. Demonic Oppression

    • In the presence of Sin, Ungodly-beliefs, and hurts, demons gain a legal right to influence and oppress the individual. Their purpose is to hinder salvation and maturity. They lie to us about ourselves especially about our identity, they do not play fair, and have no mercy. This causes one the incapacity to feel joy or satisfaction in life, exaggerated, intense, out of control emotions, inner turmoil, depression, despair, inability to concentrate etc... Jesus gave us the authority to cast out demons. - Mark 16:17

Please contact us for more information on receiving ministry or training.

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