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Marriage Preparation and Marriage Ministry

A good marriage requires committment, time and skills. The Marriage Preparation and Marriage Ministry is specially catered for engaged or married couples that are looking at establishing or fine-tuning their relationship foundations.

The ministry is customised to the needs of the couple, placing emphasis on the specific needs of the couple. Each couple works with a trained facilitator/trained facilitator couple over the duration of about 8 sessions, with each session comprising of 2 hours.

A language profile providing an in-depth study and information regarding the communication style of the couple is also discussed in one of the sessions. This profile will equip an individual to develop character and to be more effective in their communication and relationships with others.

Marriage and Family Life Counselling Ministry

For those requiring greater understanding and insight into the difficulties they may be experiencing, counselling ministry is provided for by professional licensed counsellors.

Strictly confidential, this ministry based on biblical principles and prayer will help individuals develop emotional resilience, and put into effect practical skills, which will enable them to fulfill their potential and to live life to the fullest.


Counsellor and Lay Ministry Training

Counsellor training in the area of relationships for individuals, engaged and married couples, and families are provided. In addition, we work with churches to help develop or enhance their counselling and ministry teams, teaching them the principles of team work, including excellent communication.  


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