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Ministering Spiritual Gifts 3 (By Faith)

Pre-requisite: Completion of Ministering Spiritual Gifts 1 and 2

In this third module of the Ministering Spiritual Gifts series, participants will learn about the principles of spiritual gift stewardship, how to stir up their faith to operate in the gifts of the spirit and be trained and activated to a greater flow in prophecy, word of knowledge and the word of wisdom. The various levels of authority released in prophetic ministry are also explained in this course.

This course addresses questions such as:

  • Does God like/desire to talk to His people?

  • Can you set a time and place to prophesy?

  • What are the differences between accurate and inaccurate prophesies?

  • How can you identify a true or false prophet

Registration is Compulsory, walk-ins will not be allowed.

Please click here for session details and registration.

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