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Ministering Spiritual Gifts 2 (Breakthrough)

Pre-requisite: Completion of Ministering Spiritual Gifts 1

Students are trained and activated to flow in the revelation gifts with an emphasis on prophecy. This course provides a deeper understanding of prophetic principles.
Students will learn how to overcome the power of fear that would hinder them from hearing the voice of God and sharing what they hear with the Body of Christ.
Students will also learn to deliver effective prophetic ministry to bless the receiver by understanding prophetic protocols and identifying possible personal character flaws and root problems. Teaching and practical demonstration (activation) are both part of this course.


  • Prophetic Principles - Breaking the Power of Fear

  • Prophetic Principles - Prophetic Protocol

  • Prophetic Pitfalls - Character Flaws, Weed Seed Attitudes, and Root Problems

  • Prophetic Pitfalls - Ezekiel and Jeremiah's Problem with Persecution

  • Joseph's Divine Optimism vs. Jacob's Human Pessimism

  • Overview of Activations

  • Activation Guidelines


Registration is Compulsory, walk-ins will not be allowed.

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