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Paraklesis Ministries is founded by Dave and Linda Roeder. They conduct extensive trainings and are authors on topics regarding relationships, marriage and family life skills. The Roeders have numerous resources written from a scriptural perspective, which caters to single, engaged, married, family, cell/life groups, counsellors, and those studying counselling.


Dave and Linda travel nationally and internationally, working with churches and ministries and offering services that meet their specific needs or requests. They support pastoral teams with programs to establish or strengthen existing counselling or lay ministry teams. The Roeders began to minister in 1990, and entered full time ministry in 1998 when they retired from their careers as an automotive company supervisor and a registered nurse.  They are ordained with Christian International Ministries Network (USA) and have been associated with them since 1989. Linda also has a Masters Degree in Christian Counseling.


At the heart of Dave and Linda’s ministry is their love for God and their passion to equip people to experience greater intimacy with God and others. For more information on resources by Dave & Linda, please visit the Hope Oasis web-store.

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