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The Pastor - Ordinary Man,Extraordinary Journey

Right Relationships

Linda Louise Roeder

Relationships are the fabric of life! They are dynamic, always progressing or regressing, and greatly impacting our level of peace, joy, fulfillment, and satisfaction. In Right Relationships, Linda has endeavored to share wisdom "between the lines"-- information not commonly found in other books.


The principles in this book are based upon scriptural truths that bring life and strength to relationships. They will help you to navigate the fluctuations, enjoying the highs, and learning and growing during the low times. Her prayer is that as you read this book, God will honor your desire to gain wisdom and that He will greatly bless you as you seek Him in your relationships.


Anyone seeking to grow in relationships, be it parents, grandparents, singles, married people, or parents of adult children will find their questions answered here! At the heart of Linda's ministry is her love for God and her passion to help people to experience greater intimacy with God and others.


Linda and her husband, Dave, are ordained with Christian International. They began to minister in 1990 and entered full time ministry in 1998 when she retired from her career as a registered nurse and Dave retired from Ford Motor company. Linda has her Masters degree in Christian Counseling. She and Dave have been married since 1967 and have been blessed with two children and four grandchildren.

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