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The Pastor - Ordinary Man,Extraordinary Journey

Intimate Marriage

David and Linda Roeder

(Holy Spirit led “self study” workbook. Complete with or without a counselor.)


A workbook for engaged or married couples who desire increased intimacy in their relationship with God and with one another. May be used as a self help workbook by couples who want to strengthen their marriage. May also be used by a couple who are meeting with a counselor or minister to prepare for marriage, or to strengthen or heal a relationship. Please see page one of this Resource section for a list of the topics included in this workbook.

Two workbooks needed per couple. If only one partner desires to complete the workbook, we recommend the "Relationship" workbook rather than The Intimate Marriage. Many of the same skills are taught in the Relationship Workbook, but in a format suitable for someone who may be completing the exercises alone or with a friend or family member other than their spouse.

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